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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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-- thank you. a person who really cares about us in the community to try to make, to be taken away from us, so please let him stay. president mendoza: thank you. [applause] >> [speaking foreign language] >> my name is margarita.
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i do not understand. this is not fair. i do not understand why they are changing and taking josé away. i am actually surprised because he is a very good person. he has been a very important person for my daughter and my family. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i do not understand how you have come to this decision to change a person that is good. it is just not fair, and i do not know how you came to this decision. i do not know how you came to this decision, and it is not fair.
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>> [speaking foreign language] thank you. >> he is not always attending to the meetings and other things, for example, when we have meetings, he is making sure that we can bring our cars and that everything is taken care of. he is an important person in the community for all of us. [applause] >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> yes, my name is maria. my daughter is vicky. she goes to john o'connell. i did not know they were going to take him away. it hurts me because he has been good to all of us, to the students, and when there is a meeting, he always goes. he is a good person.
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thank you. >> good evening, board of directors. my name is jose. i am also a parent at john o'connell high school. i have a niece from santa barbara. thanks to the school. it is a very aeschylus' school -- a excellent school. i have another one who went to, on the state. i also have another nephew, so i am still there. today, and when to talk about -- i would like to figure why i am going to be removed, if i am doing something wrong. professional development to better the part.
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i want to know why my last evaluation was given only two months ago. a contractor 50,000 to train us, for the saturdays, they are going to pay us for that, and they spent all of these moneys and sending me here in sending me their. if they did not have a plan -- a request some respect as a person, as a parent of the school, because this is very important. know that we have no money, a lot of money that is not in the school district, and the school district has been asking that we need to work with the community, i have been doing that. the first year, i started
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working in the school district, so it is very important for me, began as you can send me wherever i want. i will succeed there, but i want to tell you that i was trained for almost 18 years for this age of students, high school students. i was trained with a partner of the school. i have worked with others. i work with so many student organizations, and i think it is important to make sure that we see the work i do as a whole -- let that go to the meetings, and they say it is very transparent, so and least i can start getting used to, or train to go to
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middle school. otherwise comic it is a waste of money, all of this training and all of this money that was spent by may. president mendoza. -- spent on me. president mendoza: thank you. sir? >> [speaking foreign language] i want to thank everyone who has come to support him. a number of our parents liaisons have been noticed, and i do not want to speak to the leadership of our office because they are undergoing some reorganization and some potential consolidation, so we are working closely with them. i do not think any final decisions have been made, but we're very interested in insuring that there is some continued capacity to encourage
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these activities across our schools, particularly in the underserved schools, and that is why we are making investments. we'll be working closely with the parent to engagement office on this situation. president mendoza: ok, that includes -- pet we cannot have -- vice president yee: i have a comment. in some of these things are going on appeared to engagement office, i guess, superintendent, can we get a report of what is going on there? a reduction apparently is on in the district? what are we doing? >> yes, and pretty soon, the board is going to get a report from that office, and what their strategic plan and what they're
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going to be working on, but we will get this information before that. president mendoza: thank you. i am concerned about, and i have raised this concern before, communities being taken by surprise, so i would like to see that put into place. president mendoza: has any action been taken yet? no action has been taken yet. commissioner: we do not want the communities to be taken by surprise.
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if there is a decision, we want them to know that. president mendoza: ok. >> a number of apparently is on have been noticed but not moved. i have made a note about what is happening with them, and we will get some information back to the board. commissioner? commissioner: i want to thank everyone who came out. thank you very much. president mendoza: item number q, are there any? item number l, we have an action item, the california department
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of education district schools code change for alternative beginning the 2011-2012 school year. this was already seconded on may 24, and we referred it, and it was postponed to action until june 14. can i get a report, please, commissioner norton? commissioner norton: really, there was discussion, there was concern about this action, whether it had any impact on the current policy we have, where students out of district are allowed to vote audition and attend, and the report we get from staff is no, this makes the changes to this policy. it does not make it less or more restrictive, and reform or did
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it back to the full board with a positive recommendation. president mendoza: thank you. and then a reading by a superintendent or staff mary richards is here. >> thank you, commissioners, president mendoza, superintendent. mary richards, executive director of the high school team. i would just read the subject and requested action if that is agreeable to the board? thank you. subject calling the department of education district's schools could change for alternatives and merging schools beginning in 2011 to 2012 school year. approves that an application for the roof at the school of the arts, soda be appoints for a
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code change. >> thank you. i don't have any public speakers signed up for this. any comments from the board? superintendent? no? role call, please? >> because i think this is allowable because it was part of the report and it was brought up by the curriculum committee but we wanted to ask whether we could begin some process to look at our policy related to allowing student who is don't live in san francisco to go to soda and begin with a report, i understand some research has been done already. we don't have to discuss the time. it is probably not appropriate. but begin by discussion about stricter enforcement of the policy we currently have so that we make sure at the very least that the out of district enrollment is limited to 10% of the students as is our policy. it is not as bad as it used to
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be. >> could i make a request that you put that on a future agenda? i believe that would be an inappropriate topic. >> thank you. role call, please? [role call vote] >> thank you. while i have you up there, if it is ok with my colleagues, i would like to move up her authorization to grant or deny the renewal of the petition for the charter schools. we actually -- i checked to see, we were going to try suspend the roles but we didn't agendaize it that way. if we could move that up i would like to have it heard. so we're moving up item q for a
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first reading. i need a motion and a second, please? >> i'll move. >> thank you. so this is item 116-14 sp 2. >> the reason why i requested that it only going to budget is that because that is the only meeting that we have with the completion of this year, this school year and the petition has to be authorize bid june 30 of this year. it can go to budget and we'll have a full report over the educational program which is already complete for a meeting on the 28th. >> ok. so it is not referring to curriculum. >> i don't think there is really any reason but if there is going to be the matrix that you would
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have prepared for curriculum, if you wanted to distribute that to the board then we could vote on it. >> it was read differently here. it will get referred to budget. >> i just wanted to mention that we're having an augmented budget committee meeting next tuesday on the 17th. >> and then we'll come back on the next board meeting. >> the 21st. and then it will come back to our meeting in time for approval. ok? >> thank you. the next item is we already moved up -- we already did the pack members. i need a motion and a second for the merging of one of these middle school communities in a k-8 school department of ed county distribute school. thank you -- district school. >> you want to read it into the
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record. >> good evening. superintendent -- we're here presenting this requested action as an official next step towards the merger of the elementary school. this is continued transition steps that have been continuing over the last several months towards opening school year 2011-2012. i'm here with kevin who helps lead and implement our plan to frept action. >> good evening commissioners. -- present the action. >> with your mission, i would read the subject of the requested action. merging the middle school and horaceman school. the requested action is that the board of education that the san francisco unified school
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district approves that applications be submitted for the elimination of the buena vista c.d.s. code and to reflect the merging of the middle school into a k-8 school. i would add because we didn't put it here yet if we could to be referred to as horace mannk-8 school. it would not make sense to call it a middle school any longer. they are expecting it to still be horace mann because that is the c.d.s. code. >> ok. i don't think that decision has been made with the community. just for the application you mean? >> right. i'm saying the community understands right now that horace mann that, the name was not going to change now. that they have an opportunity to probably change that in the future. that's what the school understands now. >> let's just be really clear about that. so you guys had that conversation with both communities and they will have
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the opportunity to change the name but just in terms of how we're applying and moving forward. it would not make sense -- we're using the c.d.s. code in other words. >> is that because over the state funding? ok. so it is either the name or no money? so at this point, i think we're using the state code. commissioner norton. the question i have is about the excel after school programs and i was very concerned to learn that because we are merging two codes into one that now we're going to lose half of our afterschool funding for those sites. is that resolved yet? >> i don't think we know how much we're going to lose. what is going to happen is that it is going to be one school so
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it will not get two schools allocations but it may be larger because it is a larger school but we don't have a determination of what it is going to be. that was one early tradeoff with you we knew would happen. we wanted to make sure all 600 students were able to benefit. that's an we have been very conscious of. it is an issue we discussed with the joint schoolside councils from the two schools. >> i have heard from members of community. they are very worried about that whether there will still be afterschool options at the new site. >> absolutely. we're looking at what allowable contributions we can make to the program to help address that. >> i'm a little concerned about the name issue. that has been raised to me.
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i don't -- could we call it buena vista/horace mann? they don't want to get rid of the -- if they haven't agreed to that, could we just put both names so that nobody is going to jump up and down and say oh, but you already done this without discussing it with us. >> i don't know the answer to that. in all the conversations we have had everyone assumed that because it is horace mann because we're keeping the c.d.s. code that it would still be horace mann. sfernl the commissioners can authorize the name change, w we can enter that. >> yeah, we're doing a change. we're applying for a change. why can't we do that?
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we're kind of neutral on what the name will be. then they get to decide. >> it sounds like we needed to do that in order to maintain the funding piece. is there a way we can put in paren just so that buena vista is included in the language is what commissioner wynn is talking about. >> the working title has been buena vista/horace mannk-8. we knew we would have this discussion. but for the purposes of submitting this c.d.s., it is just the code. there is a space in state application whatever name the board deems is appropriate at this point. >> i ask personally i think that once the two communities merge that is the time to speak about the name change, quite frankly.
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we have heard from parents. it doesn't make sense that the school side council then should make the decision. >> we had both names. they can choose whatever they want. nobody is going to say you already did it by taking out our name. >> so can we just figure out what is appropriate for the application so we don't jeopardize our funding and we ensure that all of that is in place and then if we're able to include buena vista in there in some capacity because i think it is an important acknowledgment for the community and now if we're not able to do that for legal reason or for application reason or whatever it is, you just have to be really clear with the community that this is just for the application and we're using the code for these purposes only and the opportunity to decide on the name will be chosen by the
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schoolside council once the school is fully functioning and up and running. >> the only reason this has come up at all is because we realized late that not only does it say horace mann and the full name is horace mann middle school. that doesn't make sense. we should say k-8 school. we're open to the commissioners making a different decision. >> i would like to suggest that we put the name buena vista in the application. i think as long as we keep horace mann. >> ok. we'll work on that. we hear what you're saying. any comments from the board? >> i would support this for the application submission purposes but i want to make sure by the enrollment fair there is some clarity on this because that
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name with cause tremendous confusion about families that are unaware of the merger and choose a school based on a name that is no longer relevant. the website, the enrollment materials really need to get this right. having experienced name change when j.v.b. west went to rosa parks. it created so much confusion. i hope we can avoid that. >> if you can make sure we have a timeline about that. >> i just want to say i concur actually it is very confusing. i'm confused about it. >> ok. if there is no further comment business the board, role call please. >> i have your card to speak about merging schools. thank you. >> good evening again. i rise to speak because of my concern about the funding. i'm glad that you think that if
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you change the name or change the composition that you'll be able to continue getting money but i'm worried about the quality of education investment act money. qeia money. it is designated for a particular school. we made the grant. we received the money. we are in this middle of the process and i want to know if staff has investigated this fully because i think that it would be a shame to because of a name change or a code change or a c.d.s. change to put that money in jeopardy. thank you. >> there have been extensive discussions about all the different funding sources that would be impacted. currently our understanding is -- the current understanding is that the school will likely keep qeia but it is not 100% sure. so we don't have i think a final determination on that but our
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anticipation is that they will and i should also say that the school has so far budgeted only under scenario b because it was the joints communities only did a budget under scenario b. they will have an additional amount of money to work into their budgets and have been able to keep their entire staff for both schools as part of the funding that is existing under scenario b. just as additional information. >> so when will we find out about qeia? >> i'm not sure. we're under the term tation now that we will have it. -- interpretation now that we will have it. dollar couple of people who have -- there are a couple of people who have suggested they have a different interpretation. i think we need to find out from the state that when we make the
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c.d.s. code change. >> but that is not getting it. is it because the c.d.s. code change? would it be -- >> we can't merge the code. we certainly won't have the money if we chose the buena vista community. we would only have an opportunity to get it if we keep the manch nn code which is what we're proposing to do. i think the commissioner has already made a prior decision they want the this merger to occur. >> i can see why the joint committee didn't make a fuss about it. ok. >> i do need clarification about we will need to know what to put into the name slot to be referred to as because i do think we were expecting to keep horace mann but didn't think about the fact. we need to change that to k-8. if you want us to do more than
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that, we will need to know. >> it sounds like the k-8 piece is fine with everyone. where is the bane vista piece? if you're able to put this that in without jeopardizing any of the funding, if you're able to put that in then we would like to see that in. if it creates any kind of consequence, particularly around the funding then you need to be very explicit with the community about why we're doing it the way we're doing it. >> i just wanted to make sure i deny know if the actual name change has to be the same in the resolution support, the document that we turn in. that's where i was coming from. >> i have to review the rules. i'm not familiar with the county rules of tta


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